Tattoo Ronnie (Guest Artist)


Tattoo Ronnie, known to to his friends as Bama, has made his way to the states all the way from Sweden. Ronnie has done a lot in his 12 year carrier, from owning studios to building bikes, and making art around the world and has worked state side in Florida, Alabama and Venice Beach, California, Chicagoland and now off to Florida .

With a hands on approach, this world traveled artist enjoys working directly with his clients as they feed his inspiration, and together create one of a kind works of art. Ronnie enjoys doing Black and Grey Realism to traditional styles that are black and bold.

Ronnie joys spending his off working on cars and bikes, exploring the great outdoors , seeing live music, Hip Hop to Metal to Country, all adds in to him being a well rounded artist that has many streams of creativity.


You can catch Ronnie by at WTY:  
Dates Not Available, Expecting Mid December/January.


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