Your new tattoo can take approximately 4-8+ weeks to fully heal.

Remember: Everyone heals at different rates. Please follow this suggested aftercare until tattoo is fully healed. Be sure to contact your artist with any questions.

Live healthy; a healthy body will heal faster. Eat well, get rest and make good choices. Always keep your new tattoo clean and only touch with freshly washed hands.

ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your new tattoo.

In 3-12 hours, remove your bandage, follow artist’s direct suggestion.
*If Artist used a Tegaderm bandage follow their direct instruction for bandage removal.

Wash your tattoo with warm, soapy water( In shower preferred). Gently wash off the slimy coating with your fingers and warm water, rinse clean, and pat dry with a clean paper towel. Do not apply another bandage, Unless using tegraderm.

You need to wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day while it’s healing. Use warm water and a mild soap. We suggest an all natural soap, such as Naked. Gently lather your tattoo, and rinse completely. Pat dry with a new clean paper towel like Bounty. Do not use bath/hand towels. (They collect dust and bacteria).

After 1st day of healing, use a mild water-based lotion when your tattoo feels dry. We suggest After Inked all natural aftercare lotion. Wash hands. Then with clean fingers work lotion fully into your tattoo. Never leave a coating. If there is excess, wipe the remainder with a clean paper towel.

In the first week or so, your tattoo will likely peel, flake or scab, but DO NOT PICK AT IT! This stage will cause your new tattoo to itch, but DO NOT SCRATCH IT! If needed, wash hands and gently pat the area with your fingertips until the itch is gone. After this stage the new layers of skin will make the tattoo look dull, but don’t worry! This is the second stage of healing. Use a small amount of lotion daily to help this process along.

As the skin continues to heal and returns to normal translucence, the colors of your tattoo will turn more vibrant, as they are seen again through the top layer of skin.

Avoid touching tattoo with dirty hands, exposing tattoo to direct sun light (for at least 1 month),  restrictive clothing, shoes or jewelry around tattooed area. Do not go swimming or soak your new tattoo for at least 6 weeks.

*After your tattoo is fully healed, apply sunscreen while exposed to sun to keep it vibrant!

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