Meet Jose “Paypay” Valencia. Growing up in Chicago before relocating to Romeoville (20 years ago), has helped shape this 31 year olds style with an urban perspective along with a delicate touch. Tattooing for only 3 years, his work stands up with many who have been around much longer. Paypay is proudly certified in Blood Bourne Pathogens, 1st Aid, CPR and AED to meet WYT's high infection control standards . 

Paypay enjoys direct and honest communication that allows him to cater designs that both himself and client will appreciate for years to come. With an emphasis in Black and Grey, Realism and fine line tattooing, he enjoys working on portraits and organic elements that are smooth, flowing and will last the test of time. 

As a father of 4, this artist has patiences and a solid work ethic with a focus on growth and self improvement, while still embracing the fun side of life. And being fluent in both Spanish and English allows Paypay to transcend barriers and work with a wider audience. Listening to hip hop, enjoying the gym life and spending lots of time with his kids sets the rhythm away from the shop. 

Paypay’s books are open!

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Paypays Schedule

Available by Appointment or Walk In (when Available)

Wednesday - Thursday, Saturday -Sunday and every other Friday.